One historical tale of the day puts ST. Valentine to death in Rome on February 14th. He was martyred for performing weddings for young couples which was against the law because the Roman Emperor believed unmarried men made better soldiers. While in prison he fell in love with one of the daughters that came to visit. On his last day he wrote her a love letter and signed it “from your Valentine.” I got this info from several pages on the internet. TEE Tournament The word “attached” in the Tee Tournament article is misleading. I apologize for that. This is a link to the webpage.Read More →

Howdy ya’ll. I am so excited this week. I am filling out my TEE Tournament application! Oh yeah…I am Cindy Foster, legally blind and have not been brave enough to go places I have never been until now. Hines Alumni friends have encouraged me to try and I am actually doing it. The deadline for submitting an application is May 1st, 2018 so don’t wait…get er done! What is the TEE Tournament? A week of hanging out with other blind veterans playing golf and other sports. TEE stands for “Training, Exposure, Experience.” They are celebrating the 25th anniversary this year and are adding an extraRead More →

By Janell Groskreutz Using adaptive technology to make Shish kebabs on the grill I love this delicious and colorful summertime grilling treat. I particularly like to make it when I am entertaining a group of people larger than my normal 4-6. If a group larger than that bombards my deck it is fun to have each guest make their own skewer with whatever assortment they have a taste for. I always incorporate taste and a bit of color (for my sighted guests) on each skewer by alternating the veggies and meat. Using the grill also alleviates using the oven and heating up the kitchen onRead More →