The Winter Torch is ready for download. If the links aren’t clickable in your email, please visit the web site link to try the download from the web page. Winter torch 2014 (PDF) Winter torch 2014< (DOC, Word documents might be better read by right clicking and choosing the option to Save As. Then open it from your hard drive.)Read More →

The Hine-Sight Summer, 2014 is now available for download. You can get it now in one of these formats. For best results, try a right click, then choose to Save the document to open it on your computer. Hine-Sight Summer, 2014.doc Hine-Sight Summer, 2014.pdfRead More →

The Spring newsletter is now available for download. Get it in Word document (.doc): Hine-Sight spring, 2014.doc Get it in PDF format: Hine-Sight spring, 2014.pdf Note: It may be more effective to download the files by doing a “right click” then choosing to save the file to your computer.Read More →